Our trained audio engineers & producers offer expertise in recording & mixing audio for bands and businesses. We record on all budgets. Our mobile Pro Tools setup allows us to operate outside of an expensive recording studio setting, and we also have lots of experience in major studios. We can multitrack an entire band or do a voiceover for your next video or radio ad, overseeing the entire creative project from beginning to end.

We offer mixing services to bands across the globe. With competitive pricing & a proven track record of success with radio play & licensing, we know how to get your mix to the next level. Utilizing a careful balance of time-based & dynamic processing we make sure your mix shines while also maintaining optimum fidelity. Check out a sample below.

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We have successfully placed our music in countless television shows, video games and major brands including the Discovery Channel, Sonos, Zippo, Saints Row (XBox/PS3), SpikeTV, NASCAR, HBO, Jones Soda and Major League Baseball. Music that we work with is automatically added to our catalog which we actively shop for new opportunities. We also create original music for videos and special placements which is much cheaper than licensing music from an established artist.

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Our video production & editing team can take your next video to amazing places. We tell your story through creative approaches, using the latest technology to add layers of professionalism at every turn. Our motion graphics team can create a seamless and professional approach to mixing your graphics with video content.

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